About me

This is about stuff I’ve been working on.  The updated and current stuff I’m working on is at beanworks.clbean.com

So you may find stuff here about computer training, hardware, software, gadgets, Linux, even libraries.

Hopefully you’ll find it informative, if not interesting. 🙂

On most weekdays, I am cleverly disguised as a Reference Librarian in Palm Beach County, Florida, where we regularly solve all the world’s problems in between teaching the local population how to turn on their computers.

(Required disclaimer:  The content on this site most certainly does not reflect the views of the library I work for)


6 Responses to “About me”

  1. Carol Bean Says:

    Yep – I am another Carol Bean and although a Californian, am living and working in New Zealand as a manager for BrainFuel Ltd where we help people go online for new learning. Thanks for the inspiration especially with the older demographic.
    I am also a musician and visual artist -see my website.

  2. Pamm Clements Says:

    Carol _ I saw your youtube presentation on older adults and what it feels like for them to learn new technology – EXCELLENT!!!

    I am an Australian working as a technology trainer for a public library in Northern Colorado — looks like the other CB and I – we swapped hemispheres!



  3. Carol Bean Says:

    Thanks, Pamm,

    I hope you’ll enjoy part 2 once I get it up! : )


  4. Carolyn Says:

    I understand that you have written an article entitled, “Technology Training for the Older Population.” May I ask you to send it to me? I found a link when I googled the topic, and your program was highly recommended, but alas, it wouldn’t open. I’m soing a library practicum this summer, and have been asked to develop such a program for seniors. Your advice for getting started, please. Are there publications you can recommend? I want to write a curriculum with objectives and activities. Thanks!

  5. Carolyn Says:

    PS I’m truly DOing, not “so – so” ing my practicum 🙂

  6. Carol Bean Says:

    Sent an e-mail, but also posted some resources in the Computers, Older Adults, and Libraries page.

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