Chicago live

This is somewhat off-topic, but caught my attention.

Chicago just finished their runoff elections for aldermen yesterday. There’s a site that has videoclips from the election posted: These are YouTube syle videos: short, amateur-style clips. Some are goofy, some “newsy.” But what’s really amazing is that it’s there this morning.

The stuff is real Chicago. There’s Truckin’ for Tillman, Rolling with Shirley, Predictions on Pat, 3 Cheers for Leroy, The Whisper Campaign (no sound), and several victory and concession speeches. They have the charm of man (person?) on the street type stuff, filled with the seriousness of elections. This is people’s news.

Kudos to the team, and the ones who got it all together so fast! Can we schedule you for our next South Florida elections? 🙂


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